Friday, 6/14/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Even if he doesn't lack money and jobs, things are not going smoothly in the life of defense attorney Björn Diemel. At the behest of his wife, he is supposed to get his work-life balance in order. She sends her husband, who takes care of the well-being of organized crime in everyday life, to a mindfulness seminar. What Björn learns there and successfully applies not only changes his life, but also the hierarchy in the underworld milieu. During a lake weekend with his daughter, he completely forgets that he still has a client in his trunk. Dragan, the mafia boss, he had quickly hidden there on the way there. After two days of time-out, Björn is deeply relaxed - and Dragan is dead.

"Excitement, unsolicited advice, and gallows humor" is what Jan Böhmermann attested to Karsten Dusse's novel. In the stage adaptation, three actors rotate in nineteen roles and are consciously striving to give the fast-paced story the right drive. Thus, the encounter between crime comedy and self-help literature creates a humorously explosive mixture of wellness vacation and murderous pleasure.

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