Friday, 7/19/2024
at 8:00 PM

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A large salsa orchestra that completely avoids technical support from sequencers, regularly rehearses, and doesn't deliver off-the-shelf salsa, is a luxury in Germany. But we at Caballo Negro, the Stuttgart Salsa Connection, want to afford ourselves this luxury. Our vision is to revive the music that emerged in the melting pot of New York in the late 60s and early 70s - urban, biting, gritty salsa dura in gangster attire. We tell stories from the Bronx, about machos, failed existences, true love, street violence, jealousy, and heavenly support. Willie Colón, Hector Lavoe, Angel Canales, and Ruben Blades provide the templates that Caballo Negro fills with new life. Crisp percussion, an all-embracing bass, and swinging piano provide the foundation for the powerful brass section of four trombones, the typical instrument of this salsa era, and roaring baritone saxophone. Last but not least, the vocals of Juan Cadiz and Jonnathan Gutiérrez ensure a festive atmosphere and vacation feeling.
Juan-José Morales (vocals), Johnny Gutiérrez (vocals), Manfred Mirsch (timbales), Danijel Novakovic (congas), Jonal Anao (bongos), José Bueno (piano), Niklas Deeg (bass), Lutz Arnold, Wolfgang Nix, Max Raff, Samuel Restle (trombones), Harry Hartmann (baritone saxophone), Julian Montilla (percussion, bass)

Admittance: 7:00 PM

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